Dragon View Chinese Cuisine

My friend and I were really, and I mean REALLY craving dimsum.  I had really wanted to try Dragon View Restaurant for a long time, so that’s where we ended up. Even though it was not the weekend, there was still quiet a wait for a table.

We had a tough time ordering food since we wanted everything but we were only 2 people.


The beef tendon we got was pretty flavourful and the portion was quiet generous. 7/10

The shrimp dumplings were quiet large and the shrimp tasted pretty fresh. My only complaint was that the skin broke apart too easily. 6.5/10

The XO radish cake was also a pretty big portion but it lacked XO sauce flavour. It was spicy but not salty and spicy enough and I didn’t really get the fragrant seafood flavour that you should be getting from XO sauce. The radish cake itself was pretty well done and there was a good amount of sausage etc in it. 7/10


The Shrimp and seaweed spring rolls were nice and crispy. The shrimp was again very fresh and the seafood wasn’t too chewy which was good. 7.5/10


The egg yolk custard bun was delicious. It wasn’t extremely sweet but it had a good amount of egg yolk in it. I found it a little too liquidy for me but other than that, no complaints. 7.5/10

Overall I really liked the food at Dragon View. The flavours were good and not-offensive. The spring rolls and egg yolk custard bun was my favourite of the meal. 7/10

Dragon View Chinese Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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