Guide to Singapore Part 1: See, Shop, Visit

Singapore. Singapore. Singapore.

thumb_DSCN0360_1024thumb_DSCN0380_1024What more is there to say?

A country with a short history, small land mass and clean CLEAN streets. Singapore boosts modernism, an abundance of different types of food and different ethnicities. It’s a true collage of a variety of cultures.

But what is there to do in Singapore other than visiting the beautiful and fun Sentosa and basking in the heat at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands?

My trip in December of 2015 allowed me to see quite a bit of Singapore in a short period of time. The different districts in Singapore are vastly different from each other and here I will provide a breakdown of places to visit, see and eat.

Places to visit (Areas)

Chinatown Area


Boasting immense culture and beautiful brightly coloured balloons, Chinatown is definitely a touristy area. It also boasts beautiful architecture such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the Sri Mariamman Temple (19th century Hindu temple). Not to mention situated in the Chinatown area is the Chinatown Food Centre which I will mention again later.

Haji Lane


The infamous Haji Lane which is situated in the Bugia area is near the Sultan Mosque and close to India Town. It’s a colourful street filled with beautiful architecture, a great spot for picture taking and also for café hopping. There’s many cafés within a few stops of each other and lots of places to shop as well.

Clark Quay


Clark Quay is definitely a tourist destination. It’s two sides surrounding a river. Okay to be honest, was it worth visiting? Not really. The water of Clark Quay looked like the colour of chocolate milk to put it nicely. There wasn’t much to do other than walk along the riverside, eat the famous ice cream sandwich and eat Singapore chilli crab. Clark Quay looks nice at night from the lights but other than that, there’s not much to see.

Things to See

Fort Canning Park


The Fort Canning Park entrance is slightly hard to find, just look for stairs leading upwards or if you get off at Dhoby Ghaut MRT and go through the parking lot through the Singapore Shopping Centre you will find the Fort Canning Park Entrance. It’s a great park for wedding photos but also good for a walk away from the city life. It’s long history and beautiful landscape is worth a visit for visitors who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Singapore Botanical Gardens


The Singapore Botanical Garden is absolutely huge. It’s a great walk through nature when it’s not too hot outside. There are many different types of flowers and swings to swing on. The major attractions are the national orchid garden which you must pay to get in. There’s also the ginger garden, rainforest etc. My favourite was this white building. So picturesque and perfect for selfies.

Singapore Flyer –> Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay –> Merlion Bay –> Raffles Place –>Marina Bay Sands –> Gardens by the Bay

There are so many places to visit in this small little area of Singapore so I would suggest seeing them all at the same time. You will see everything while walking along the water starting at the Singapore Flyer. I would suggest stopping at the Esplanade and going up to the top to soak up the view while resting a top. Then continuing onto Merlion Bay and take a picture with the Merlion. On the way to Marina Bay Sands you can see Raffles place which is behind Merlion Bay. Then continue around the water and you’ll come up to Marina Bay Sands and finally end it at Gardens by the Bay.

thumb_DSCN0635_1024thumb_DSCN0652_1024thumb_DSCN0659_1024thumb_DSCN0664_1024It happened to be the 50th anniversary of Singapore while I was there so I wrote a little message from JustaMorsel Blog – wishing the world happiness and safety!thumb_DSCN0683_1024thumb_DSCN0714_1024thumb_DSCN0719_1024thumb_DSCN0708_1024thumb_DSCN0761_1024




313 at Somerset

We came upon this mall by accident and actually ventured in twice and thought it was a different mall but actually it was just a huge mall. This mall has everything from local brands to international brands. There’s lots of food and lots of shopping and also lots of land to cover.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is every high-end fashion addicts dream. The biggest brands are here and the shops are huge. The road is covered in brands and just screams luxury. The prices here are definitely higher than other places or at least compared to North America. We found the prices at Orchard to road to be double those of North America which is astounding so for us it was just window shopping.



Singapore has an amazing nightlife. You can go bar hopping and enjoy the view at a place like C’est La Vie or you can hit the many clubs in Singapore. I only went to one night club and it was enough for me to experience the amazing nightlife that Singapore has to offer and I would also definitely recommend it as a top choice. Zouk is the place to be for a terrific night. BUT if you are planning to leave late, make sure you make it out fast enough to catch a taxi or have some kind of transportation organized at night. When the night ends, everyone races out to catch a taxi and it’s a race to get one. Also not all taxi’s will take you to where you want, on the top it says where they are headed and hopefully they decide to take you. It all depends on your luck but regardless it is a fun experience.


Thanks for tuning in for the first part of my Singapore guide! Stay tune for part 2 of Justamorsel Singapore Guide where we talk about Singapore food.


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