Guide to Hiking in Hong Kong

Hiking in Hong Kong is definitely not part of ones first impression of Hong Kong. When tourists come to Hong Kong, they think of shopping, food and of course the impressive skyline.

But for me, one of my goals is hiking.

Most of Hong Kong is actually mountains and undeveloped which makes it great for hiking. There are a lot of places to go hiking in Hong Kong but here are just the few that I went to.



thumb_DSCN0158_1024One of the more accessible ones would be The Peak Trail. It can be accessed from Central and from HKU. There are actually many paths that can lead you up the peak. Along the way you can find old grannies and grandpas selling little snacks. If you go up from the HKU side, the hike is steep at the beginning but becomes easier after 20 minutes. In total, it’s around a 45 minutes walk. If you walk up rom the Central path, it is much steeper and slightly more difficult. But the view is rewarding and you don’t have to spend as much money as you would if you were to go up the tram. This is a really popular hiking trail especially during the holidays so you don’t need to be afraid of getting lost.


Dragon’s Back is another popular hiking trail. It’s around a 2hour hike across the trail but the view is quiet nice. It’s a little easier to get lost on Dragon’s Back because the signs aren’t very clear but we were lucky to end up at the end village where we found the bus to go to Shek-O Beach. Most people who hike Dragon’s Back end up going to Shek-O Beach to relax and grab a bite afterwards.




There are many off-the-beaten-path hikes to go to. The one that we choose was Tap Mun. Tap Mun itself is an island with a relaxing and beautiful hike. The island itself is somewhat difficult to go to because the big boat only comes every 45-1 hour. There are smaller boats that sometimes come around and you can ask if they will take you to Tap Mun for a fee. We were lucky to meet a nice boat driver who took us there on his speed boat and back. The hike up to the view is quiet easy. When you get up to the top of the mountain you will find lots of cows. Be warned, there is a lot of cow poop everywhere. Also there’s a famous rock on the bottom of one of the hills that’s famous. It’s somewhat dangerous to go down there, but it’s a beautiful sight. There’s not much to do on the island other than hike and enjoy the view. The eateries here are on the more expensive side and there’s not much variety either.

Unfortunately, that’s all the hiking I did. There are many other hikes like the hiking around the New Territories and such where the land is less developed. But I was happy with the few hikes that I did go on.


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