Tako – Korean Mexican Fusion


A new addition to Vancouver burrito scene – Korean and Mexican fusion. TA for Taco and KO for Korean.

I must say, the takos here are on the pricey side compared to other tacos in Vancouver. They averaged around 3.50 while other places would serve it for around 3 or less.


I had the Seoul Tako which consisted of fried chicken and the Gangnam taco which consisted of beef. I thought the fried chicken was very much breading and very little chicken. The pieces of chicken were tiny but I liked the creamy sauce that went on top. The Gangnam taco was fresh tasting with the addition of green onions but on the chewier side because of the beef.


I also had the bulgogi burrito which came with a side of chips. It was definitely on the oilier side because of the sesame oil from the kimchi fried rice. The fried rice was not bad. It had a good amount of kimchi in it and the corn added a nice sweetness. The bulgogi was also sweet. I wish it had a bit more of a kick to it. The chips that came with it were crunchy and would go well with some guac. 7/10

Overall: 7/10

Would I come back: Probably not.


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