LIK N2 Ice Cream versus Mister

Both nitrogen ice cream shops opened roughly around the same time. The prices were also quiet similar and the sizes were the same. But the style of how the ice cream was presented was wildly different.


13405453_998143590240243_861834437_oThe impression I got from LIK N2 Ice Cream was fun ice cream with lots of different toppings and different flavours. They have Asian flavours such as matcha, red bean etc and then they also have the classic chocolate chip, rocky road flavours. The special ones with their signature needle topping was cute and definitely Instagram worthy. They were bright and colourful and fun to eat. I found the ice cream itself melted very quickly but overall quite creamy. It was somewhat on the sweeter side. I had the rocky road special and the Vietnamese coffee special. I thought the rocky road one was very sweet especially with the toppings. I really enjoyed the Vietnamese coffee one especially with the addition of the condensed milk. Although it was really sweet with the addition of condescend milk I still liked it. It was strong and creamy.


Mister is definitely sleeker and clean feeling. There are no toppings to be added its just clean nitrogen ice cream. Creamy but I found the flavours lacking. I had the creme brûlée flavour because everything brûlée’d is just better overall. I liked the look but I don’t think it’s worth the $7 for such a small serving of ice cream.


From what I experienced, I prefer the Vietnamese coffee. The flavours were intense and delicious whereas the ice cream I had from Mister was just okay.

What do you think of thse two new nitrogen ice cream places? Is there anywhere you prefer over the other? Or do you prefer 720 sweets and have you checked out the new Nitrogen ice cream place in Kerrisdale called Magicream? Comment down below to let me know what you think?
Mister Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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