Pronto – Pasta and Pizza

I was researching a place to enjoy some Italian food for a decent price. I wanted somewhere that provided pasta and pizza and that’s when I stumbled upon Pronto.

I made my reservation and was ready to go.


I had the Rigatoni Boscailo – Prosciutto, sun dried tomato, cremini mushroom and garlic in cream sauce. This I have to say was pretty good. It was just the right amount of saltiness. All the ingredients melded well together. The sauce was flavourful and the pasta was well cooked. – 8.5/10


We also had the Spaghetti Bolognese – classic meat sauce. This was quiet disappointing. The sauce and the pasta seemed like it was two separate entities. The sauce was not sticking to the pasta at all. On top of that the sauce was bland and unappealing. 6/10


The porchetta plate – a slice of porchetta with a side of roasted rosemary potatoes and roasted red pepper mayo. I’d seen many pictures of this so I had high hopes for this dish. Unfortunately, it was a total bust. The meat was tough and dry. The skin was very chewy and unappealing. We couldn’t even finish the dish. I’ve never had such a poor piece of meat served at a restaurant. 4/10


Finally, the pizza arrived last and it was mediocre. We ordered the Margherita and was slightly disappointed with the crust. The bottom was not crispy and was very limp. The tomatoes on top are not traditional to a Margherita pizza and the cheese was also not the right cheese for a margherita pizza. It could have also contained more basil. 5.5/10

Overall I would give Pronto a 6/10. The service was okay. There are some misses in the menu and the porchetta was just disappointing.

Would not be back.
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