Baoguette – Kerrisdale Location

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about a new Vietnamese place in Kerrisdale that’s really good. Since it’s near me, I was like yes I definitely will check it out. I didn’t know the name or anything so I went assuming it was a new restaurant. But it wasn’t. It was basically the second store of a restaurant on Denman.

Since we had already arrived we might as well give it another try.


We shared the lemon grass chicken and spring roll over dry noodle, Special pho and the grilled pork banh mi


The lemon grass chicken and spring roll over dry noodle was pretty good. The spring rolls were crunchy and the lemon grass chicken was nice and chewy. They had forgotten to give us the fish sauce sauce for the noodles so we had to ask because it was way too dry. With the fish sauce mixed in it was nice and sour. 8/10 Good balance of toppings to noodles.


Next the pho – The broth itself was good – it had a good amount of flavour and didn’t taste like msg or overly salted. Everything was well cooked. There was a good amount of noodles. 7.5/10

The pork banh mi which I forgot to take a picture of was pretty good. The bread itself was somewhat thin but really crunchy which was good. The pork was sweet and salty which I liked. It was not dry at all and I liked the amount of mayonnaise they put into it. 8/10

Overall: 7.75/10 – Busy restaurant with good flavours but I personally prefer the Denman location because of their less crowded atmosphere.




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