In all honestly, I’ve been craving Denny’s for a long time. I think it’s the childhood nostalgia that made me want to visit Denny’s. When I was little, my dad used to take my sister and I to Denny’s for lunch and my mom would hate it but obviously being kids we loved it. I hadn’t been there in so long so we decided to visit for my sister’s birthday.


For birthday’s they have a special Slam Birthday special which comes with pancakes, eggs, bacon, a choice of fries or hash browns and sausage for the birthday girl.

But of course being the hungry people we are, we ordered nachos, poutine and club house sandwich to go along with it.

What tasted the worst out of everything was of course the free stuff. We had a hard time finishing the Slam but finished everything else pretty quickly.

The Slam Birthday special was disappointing. The pancakes were fluffy but it felt like it was made of cardboard. It was difficult to chew and was flavourless. The eggs tasted like they came from the bottle. The bacon was crispy which was good and the sausage was okay too. The hash browns were also good. 5/10

The nachos were quiet big and not disappointing at all. Although the cheese might not be real cheese but the processed stuff, I was still satisfied with it. The nachos tasted like they were fried there but some of them were not fried all the way through while others were perfectly crisp. The nachos were covered with a good amount of toppings and I couldn’t have asked for more from this dish with Denny’s standard. – 7.5/10

The poutine was a total let down. The bacon was too salty. There were no cheese curds but instead melted, what tasted like Cheese Whiz that had gone stale, and the fries were under-fried and not crispy. 4/10

We also had a club sandwich that isn’t in the picture because we devoured it before I could remember to take a picture. We had actually ordered a Cali Club but by mistake gave us a Club sandwich. We were too hungry to tell them. The Club sandwich was actually not bad. The ingredients tasted somewhat fresh. There was a good balance of meat to vegetables. But there just wasn’t enough sauce to offset the dry crisp bread. 7/10

Overall: Denny’s did not disappoint in spit being well Denny’s. Some of the dishes were actually eye openers. 6/10

Would I be back? – Maybe? To try some of their burgers.

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