Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong! This is the final leg of the Hong Kong food exploration and obviously the sweetest. Looking for another egg waffle fusion place, here’s Oddies. They’ve been hyped up on all sorts of social media. But are they worth the hype? Personally, I feel like […]

Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong! This place is often compared to BAKE because of its similar cheese tarts which BAKE had first. Hanjuku Kobo is also famous for their soft pillows of cheesecake. They also had a take on the green tea version of the cheese tart. Comparatively, their […]

Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong Part 1

I’m giving you fair warning right now, the Desserts Sweets portion of Hong Kong contains 3 parts. Yes, that’s the amount of dessert I had. It was crazy and I realized after looking at all these pictures that I went a little mental with desserts. But hey, it was worth it. There are so many […]

Coffee Drank in Hong Kong Part 2

 Here we continue on our caffeinated journey. A newer kid on the block or should I say Kennedy Town district is – Lex Coffee. I passed by this coffee shop a lot when going grocery shopping and finally I decided to go one day. I definitely picked the wrong day. There were so many people […]

Coffee’s Drank in Hong Kong Part 1

I have a confession to make. I drank way to many … coffee’s in Hong Kong and they were way too overpriced to be worth it. But I guess I did it for the experience? For the pleasure of it. So what is Hong Kong’s coffee scene like? Well, all I can say is that, […]

Hong Kong Food Mangé’d Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Hong Kong Food Mangé’d! One of the most famous famous beef noodles in Hong Kong would be Kau Kee Noodles in Central. Was it worth the hype and the line? I would say, not really. The soup wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, the meat could have been more tender […]

Hong Kong Food Mangé’d Part 1

A constant problem that I ran into while I was in Hong Kong was what is really Hong Kong food? What is it made up of? What do Hong Kong people identify as Hong Kong food? Here I have some food that is not necessarily uniquely Hong Kong style food, but it’s food that Hong […]

Dim Sum Dined in Hong Kong

  The Dim sum situation in Hong Kong, is different from the one in Vancouver. Well at least for me anyways. In Vancouver, I would always try my best to eat at a different dim sum place every week or every time. But in Hong Kong, I ended up visiting the same dim sum place […]

Fast Food Scarfed in Hong Kong

To be honest, almost all food, if it isn’t fine dining, is fast food in Hong Kong. But these places are what I categorized as “fast food” in Hong Kong. As in like quick, greasy places that you might stand on the street to eat, or order at the counter to eat.   First up, […]

Cha Chaan Teng Grubbed at in Hong Kong

When someone thinks of Hong Kong, they usually think of Cha Chaan Teng’s as the epitome of Hong Kong food. Although it might be what the average Hong Kong person eats on a daily basis, these Cha Chaan Teng’s definitely represents Hong Kong people’s attitudes. Efficient, rushed and inattentive service. Cha Chaan Teng is really […]