Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Jam Cafe

Jam Café has been making a lot of noise this week. Especially with their opening on Beatty street and the long lines on the weekends. Jam Café is originally from Victoria and now they finally have a location here. I arrived around 11:30am on a Monday and there were a few people outside but we were able to be seated immediately because we were a … Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Jam Cafe

Food Truck Festival Dine Out Vancouver 2016

On Monday January 18, 2016, I went to the Food truck festival located in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Here we found quite a few food trucks that I’ve tried before. My goal today, was to try the Fat Duck truck. We chose the Hawaiian dog which consisted of pulled pork and Hawaiian inspired toppings. I found it to be quite greasy but found … Continue reading Food Truck Festival Dine Out Vancouver 2016

Joe Fortes

Date Visited: May 8 2015 What I ate: Buck a Shuck Oyster (served icy cold on the half shell with classic cocktail sauce) 8/10 No sand, no shell, no extra salty water It was fresh and plump I like their oysters – cheap (during happy hour) and good quality Jumbo Tiger Prawn Cocktail (fresh horseradish, cocktail sauce) 7/10 The prawns were quite large but I … Continue reading Joe Fortes