Yuan’s Shanghai Serendipity Cuisine

I was really craving Shanghai dumplings so we headed to Serendipity to try them out. We were really excited since I’ve never had theirs and we had a 10% off VIP card plus a free dumpling card as well. The service was lacking but that might have been just because we were seated behind the … Continue reading Yuan’s Shanghai Serendipity Cuisine


Nu Chinese Bistro

Came here for a family dinner and the family decided to let us "kids" decide on what to order and we definitely went way overboard Nu Chinese Bistro has been getting a lot of heat lately because of their high debts. Apparently the rumour has it that the owner doesn't want to pay the debts … Continue reading Nu Chinese Bistro


Date Visited: July 19 2015 What I ate: Sorry for the lack of pictures. Family dinners are always hard for bloggers to take pictures without feeling awkward in front of 10 other people. Sorry! Rock Cod with Sweet and sour sauce 7/10 The rock cod was very crunchy and crisp The fish itself was not … Continue reading Suhang

Morning Shanghai Restaurant

Date Visited: May 24 2015 What I ate: It’s been a long time since I’ve had Morning Shanghai Restaurant – they used to be famous for their Sheng Jian Bao Deep Fried Mini Bun 6.5/10 The buns were okay – very filling and heavy Pan Fried Pork Buns 6/10 Wow this was a disappointing – … Continue reading Morning Shanghai Restaurant

Bubble Waffle Café

Date Visited: April 2 2015 Address: University Village, 102-5728 University Boulevard, Metro Vancouver What I ate: Malaysian Laksa + Oil noodle and Vermicelli + pork intestine + sliced lamb 7/10 Good amount of noodles and coconut flavour The pork intestine was a bit too chewy but pretty flavourful The sliced lamb was way too overcooked … Continue reading Bubble Waffle Café

Eat Chicken Wraps

Date Visited: April 3 2015 What I ate: Hoisin Chicken Roll 8/10 Portion was an appropriate size The green onion pancake was quite a nice twist, provided a nice crunch and soaked up the sauces nicely The Hoisin accompanied the roll nicely The chicken was not too try and quite flavourful Address: 800 Howe Street … Continue reading Eat Chicken Wraps

Koon Bo冠寶美食之家

Date Visited: February 15 2015 Address:  5682 Fraser St.  Vancouver, BC V5W2Z3 Type of Restaurant: Chinese, Cantonese Price Range: $$ Ambiance (out of five)/Setting/Design/service: 2.5/5 – typical Chinese restaurant – loud, tacky décor, service was really bad (server would ignore us) Recommended: Hand Shredded Chicken Overall: 7.5/10 (1-4: will never come back, 5: pass (I’m … Continue reading Koon Bo冠寶美食之家