Love Letter to Meat and Bread’s porchetta sandwich

Dear Box of Goodness, Thank you for gracing us with your meaty presence. Your crisp porchetta topping and soft ciabatta bread makes for a perfect meal. The succulence of the meat and the flavourful sauce completes the entire picture. The porchetta sandwich holds a dear place in my heart. Forever my go-to sandwich. Miyu


In all honestly, I’ve been craving Denny’s for a long time. I think it’s the childhood nostalgia that made me want to visit Denny’s. When I was little, my dad used to take my sister and I to Denny’s for lunch and my mom would hate it but obviously being kids we loved it. IContinue reading “Denny’s?”


I had the animal fries at Caliburger and they were okay. Nothing I would go back for. A lot of onions. But the fries weren’t crispy and they also had forgotten my order. (I had to go up and ask for it). Overall: Unorganized fast food making it slow food. The flavours were okay –Continue reading “Caliburger”

Poke Time on Robson

Poke time Poke shops have been popping up and around Vancouver for the past month or some. Some far from the city center and some like Poke time in downtown. I was really excited for the Poke burrito and I wasn’t disappointed. There are so many choices that come with the Poke burrito. The typeContinue reading “Poke Time on Robson”

Tako – Korean Mexican Fusion

Tako A new addition to Vancouver burrito scene – Korean and Mexican fusion. TA for Taco and KO for Korean. I must say, the takos here are on the pricey side compared to other tacos in Vancouver. They averaged around 3.50 while other places would serve it for around 3 or less. I had theContinue reading “Tako – Korean Mexican Fusion”

Wednesday Foodie Getaway at A&W

  I had a coupon for the meal with drink and fries so I had to go and satisfy my A&W onion ring cravings. The teen burger tasted… might I say… healthy? For a fast food place. It had lots of vegetables but was lacking juiciness in the burger and it needed more sauce. Rating:Continue reading “Wednesday Foodie Getaway at A&W”

Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Bubble Waffle Kerrisdale

Bubble Waffle was buzzing on a Saturday afternoon. It was pretty packed which was quite surprising. But it died down by around 2.   Usually at Bubble Waffle I get the Laksa, but since my friend had already chosen that, I decided to go for something different. I had their house made fish soup withContinue reading “Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Bubble Waffle Kerrisdale”

Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Tofu Hotpot (Aberdeen Foodcourt)

  We were wandering around Aberdeen food court looking for some food to eat and since my friend was craving some hot pot we decided on Tofu hot pot. I had the pork hot pot and it was somewhat disappointing. The soup tasted mostly like MSG. There was a lot of ingredients in the potContinue reading “Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Tofu Hotpot (Aberdeen Foodcourt)”


Date Visited: June 23 2015 What I ate: Portuguese Garlic Bread – baked Portuguese bun smothered in garlic and herb butter 6.5/10 Disappointing Very crunchy and bread was chewy But it lacked garlic flavour, could have done with more butter ½ Chicken with a large peri peri fries The chicken – 5.5/10 Was burnt- allContinue reading “Nandos”

McLobster at McDonalds

Date Visited: June 26 2015 What I ate: McLobster Roll I was really excited about the McLobster when I heard that it was coming to the West Coast. But then I read a bunch of reviews online and saw pictures and became slightly hesitant on whether or not I should get it 7/10 To beContinue reading “McLobster at McDonalds”