Dine Out 2016 – Ancora Restaurant

My first and only dine out of 2016 (yes I’m cutting back from last year) is Ancora Restaurant. My original intention was to go to Anna Lena but unfortunately I did not reserve it in time.   I started off with the lobster bisque as my appetizer and I need to say the presentation was not so good. The colours weren’t visually appealing. The flavours … Continue reading Dine Out 2016 – Ancora Restaurant

Joe Fortes

Date Visited: May 8 2015 What I ate: Buck a Shuck Oyster (served icy cold on the half shell with classic cocktail sauce) 8/10 No sand, no shell, no extra salty water It was fresh and plump I like their oysters – cheap (during happy hour) and good quality Jumbo Tiger Prawn Cocktail (fresh horseradish, cocktail sauce) 7/10 The prawns were quite large but I … Continue reading Joe Fortes


Date Visited: What I ate: Yam fries and truffle lemon aioli with grated Grana Padano, truffle lemon aioli 7/10 Nice and crispy The truffle lemon aioli had a very strong truffle flavour which I really enjoyed It was a nice portion and the grated cheese on top added a nice fragrant flavour of cheese Calamari Fritti – tempura vegetables, spicy aioli 7/10 Again nice portion … Continue reading Joey’s

Go Fish Ocean Emporium

Date Visited: April 25 2015 What I ate: 2 Piece Cod with Chips 7/10 The cod was crunchy on the outside and the inside was slightly overcooked There was a good amount of chips but they were the non-coated type, I prefer really crunchy ones that have been double fried Oyster Po Boy 7.5/10 Surprisingly the oysters weren’t fried in this oyster po boy The … Continue reading Go Fish Ocean Emporium

Wishes and Luck (CLOSED)

Date Visited: June 20 2015 What I ate: Cappuccino 6/10 Had too much milk in it Foam was not stiff enough There was no depth to the cappuccino, tasted bland, more like a latte Egg mac – bacon, scrambled eggs, processed cheese, lots of butter 6.5/10 This dish was… interesting. It reminded me somewhat of McDonalds fish filet because of the pickly-mayonnaisey –thousandisland-dressing type of … Continue reading Wishes and Luck (CLOSED)

Tuc Craft Kitchen

Date Visited: February 5 2015 Address:  60 West Cordova St  Vancouver, BC Website: http://www.tuccraftkitchen.com/ Type of Restaurant: European, Pacific Northwest, Bistro Price Range: $$$ Ambiance (out of five)/Setting/Design/service: 4/5 – Server was informative, design was rustic (lots of wood) Overall: 7/10 (1-4: will never come back, 5: pass (I’m okay with a tinier morsel), 6: acceptable, 7: okay, 8: good, 9: Wow! Please enlarge my … Continue reading Tuc Craft Kitchen