Long Time No Talk

Apologies for the long 8-month hiatus. I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating. Many of you who don’t know me personally, probably just think of me as some girl who either doesn’t know what she’s doing or who just eats a lot. I’d like to introduce you to me. The real me, the true me, … Continue reading Long Time No Talk


It’s 2016.

  At the end of each year, for some reason, we are always obligated to come up with some kind of resolution that will magically make your life better for the next year. But in reality how many of those resolutions actually are, well resolved. I mean, by the half year mark, I usually forget … Continue reading It’s 2016.

Thoughts on Dumpster Diving and Feeding 5K Event

It had been a really long time since I last volunteered and I felt that volunteering for something I believe in and have a deep connection too would be a great start to getting into again. The Feeding 5K event is an event that started in the UK. Rescued food is food that is edible … Continue reading Thoughts on Dumpster Diving and Feeding 5K Event

“Food Waste Fiasco”

The Corax

UBC Common Energy held their annual audit of the Student Union Building’s waste this past Thursday.  They take half a day’s worth of garbage, compost and recycling from one of the busiest buildings on campus, sort out things that were incorrectly disposed of and weigh the mis-sorted things.

This year, UBC’s Engineers Without Borders had a booth displaying the food that was dumped into the garbage (no, not the compost).


It was horrifying, seeing so much perfectly edible food was dumped into the garbage.  Students who walked by couldn’t even tell that this was retrieved from the bins – one girl who was unaware of the event approached the booth and asked,

“So can we just take some?”


Whole trays of sushi, half-eaten boxes of pasta, fully-packaged and sealed Starbucks yogurt parfaits – the food that ended up on the table could have fed at least 5 ravenous students.  And to…

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