Thoughts on Dumpster Diving and Feeding 5K Event

It had been a really long time since I last volunteered and I felt that volunteering for something I believe in and have a deep connection too would be a great start to getting into again. The Feeding 5K event is an event that started in the UK. Rescued food is food that is edible but for a number of reasons it gets wasted and … Continue reading Thoughts on Dumpster Diving and Feeding 5K Event

“Food Waste Fiasco”

Originally posted on The Corax:
UBC Common Energy held their annual audit of the Student Union Building’s waste this past Thursday.  They take half a day’s worth of garbage, compost and recycling from one of the busiest buildings on campus, sort out things that were incorrectly disposed of and weigh the mis-sorted things. This year, UBC’s Engineers Without Borders had a booth displaying the food that… Continue reading “Food Waste Fiasco”