Oasia Hotel Novena Review

We stayed at Oasia Hotel Novena in December for 3 days. The room was a good size. The bathroom was fairly clean. The view was of the pool. My biggest complaints were that the sink was stained pretty bad and the room didn’t feel thoroughly cleaned. The beds were a good size and also really […]

A Guide To Taipei (and places around the city)

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan – it’s filled with cultural discovery, cheap CHEAP food and really friendly people.  The best way to get around in Taipei is to travel by MRT. The MRT is usually close to everything and it’s really REALLY easy to use. It’s also really cheap and convenient. Don’t be afraid […]

Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿 – Hype or Worth it?

It’s located literally right next to the Shandao Temple MRT and up the stairs of the market basically. It’s centrally and conveniently located but is it worth the line? Well, luckily the day we went there wasn’t much of a line. Yes it went down the stairs but it only took around 5 -10 minutes […]

Guide to Shida Night Market Taipei Taiwan

Take the MRT to Taipower Building station台電大樓 on the GREEN LINE. Then take exit 4 and then just follow the crowd. This night market isn’t particularly obvious. There’s no sign so you’ll just have to follow the people or ask. It’s inbetween the small roads. Each Night market in Taiwan, has its own selling point. […]

Guide to Rao He Night Market

Raohe Night Market is one of the most famous night markets after Shilin Night Market. We started with a random place for their stinky tofu. It was alright – not worth eating again. Then we had Skewers from this place which was not bad. Raohe is famous for their pork bone soup in medicine broth. […]

Guide to the Gong Guan Area – Taipei

Gong Guan is an area filled with students because it’s near the National Taiwan University. It’s also an area filled with great food. Because the streets of this area are hard to navigate. I can only tell you what there is in this district and if you think it looks good. Feel free to try […]

Guide To Shilin Night Market Taiwan

  Shilin Night market – the biggest night market in Taipei and also the most well-known. Keep in mind, when you travel there by MRT don’t get off at Shilin but get off at the stop BEFORE Shilin which is Jiantan. It’s closer to the night market. 玉子起士馬鈴薯 had a long line so we decided […]

A Guide to Jiufen, Shifen and Pingxi – How to get there and what to do

There are many different ways of getting to these locations – you could go by bus or even rent a taxi for a day and go to all these places but we decided to go by train. We liked the train process because you get to ride on this old train which I will insert […]

My stay/review at W Taipei – August 2015

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the amount of pictures of the view on this post. It was just too breathtaking to not capture! I arrived in Taipei on August 17 2015 and was staying 3 nights in the W Taipei. Of course before choosing this hotel, I’d done tones of research and investigation […]

Salt Spring Island Guide

  The Tswwassen ferry mall Had this cheesecake ice cream before boarding the ferry – it was not very good. Goodbye Vancouver – See you in 3 days! Cute snacks for the long ferry ride over The view on the ferry Everyone rushing down towards their cars to get off the boat and towards the […]