Dessert-ing at The Bubble Tea Shop

The Bubble tea shop has opened its second location on Robson and it’s been pretty busy. I decided this time to go for fresh papaya bubble tea. They used strawberry papaya which I did not like because it lacked the papaya sweetness. The pearls were WAY TOO SWEET. 6/10 The green tea egg waffle was not bad. It had some green tea flavour – could … Continue reading Dessert-ing at The Bubble Tea Shop

Guide to the Gong Guan Area – Taipei

Gong Guan is an area filled with students because it’s near the National Taiwan University. It’s also an area filled with great food. Because the streets of this area are hard to navigate. I can only tell you what there is in this district and if you think it looks good. Feel free to try and find it. It’s not hard because it’s all on … Continue reading Guide to the Gong Guan Area – Taipei

Dessert at Tmix Tea and Dessert Bar

Mix Tea and Dessert Bar– another place that has been filling Instagram pages lately. How is it though? I had the green tea bubble tea topped with cotton candy. The cotton candy was just a gimmick nothing special. The green tea was quiet strong but the ice watered it down. We also had a egg waffle smores – the marshmallow was not torched to melty … Continue reading Dessert at Tmix Tea and Dessert Bar

Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Bubble Waffle Kerrisdale

Bubble Waffle was buzzing on a Saturday afternoon. It was pretty packed which was quite surprising. But it died down by around 2.   Usually at Bubble Waffle I get the Laksa, but since my friend had already chosen that, I decided to go for something different. I had their house made fish soup with oil noodles, beef brisket and curry fish balls. The noodles … Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Bubble Waffle Kerrisdale

CoCo Fresh Juice and Tea

Since this week I missed Coffee Mondays, here’s Thirsty Thursdays where I venture out and drink … bubble tea/boba or smoothies or juices! My first stop is CoCo on Kingsway. This shop that newly opened in Vancouver in January has been getting a lot of social media coverage. It’s the first CoCo franchise in Vancouver but I’ve had this before in Taiwan and it wasn’t … Continue reading CoCo Fresh Juice and Tea

Wednesday Foodie Getaway: G8 Taiwanese Restaurant

G8 Taiwanese restaurant the new kid on the block on Oak street, is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. I came here specially for their fried chicken nuggets. There menu is mostly meat so vegetarians beware. Also I found that the menu can be a bit lacking in balance of dishes. I ordered the G8 noodles half tendon half meat, fried chicken nuggets, fried squid … Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway: G8 Taiwanese Restaurant

Crystal Mall Adventures

First Vancouver post of 2016! So on Sunday, I ventured out all the way to Burnaby because I was really craving some Shanghai steamed dumplings and fried dumplings. Ended up at the Crystal Mall food court’s Xu Wontons because it’s my go to place for Shanghai fried dumplings. What I like about their dumplings is that the broth inside the dumplings are not too salty … Continue reading Crystal Mall Adventures

The Bubble Tea Shop

Date Visited: May 29 2015 What I ate: Cookies and Cream Premium egg waffle 7/10 The waffle was a little too sweet for me The egg waffles use a combination of Belgium waffle and egg waffle batter which makes it more cakey than other egg waffles Visually it was really appealing, but the cookies and cream flavour was lacking, it would have been better if … Continue reading The Bubble Tea Shop