Dragon View Chinese Cuisine

My friend and I were really, and I mean REALLY craving dimsum.  I had really wanted to try Dragon View Restaurant for a long time, so that’s where we ended up. Even though it was not the weekend, there was still quiet a wait for a table. We had a tough time ordering food since … Continue reading Dragon View Chinese Cuisine


Wednesday Foodie Getaway: Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Western lake restaurant is known for having HUGE portions for dim sum and so I thought I would show my friend from Hong Kong how we do dim sum here in Vancouver. We started off with the shrimp rice rolls which were not bad. The rice roll itself was well-made, it didn’t break apart right … Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway: Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant


Date Visited: July 19 2015 What I ate: Sorry for the lack of pictures. Family dinners are always hard for bloggers to take pictures without feeling awkward in front of 10 other people. Sorry! Rock Cod with Sweet and sour sauce 7/10 The rock cod was very crunchy and crisp The fish itself was not … Continue reading Suhang

Morning Shanghai Restaurant

Date Visited: May 24 2015 What I ate: It’s been a long time since I’ve had Morning Shanghai Restaurant – they used to be famous for their Sheng Jian Bao Deep Fried Mini Bun 6.5/10 The buns were okay – very filling and heavy Pan Fried Pork Buns 6/10 Wow this was a disappointing – … Continue reading Morning Shanghai Restaurant

Eat Chicken Wraps

Date Visited: April 3 2015 What I ate: Hoisin Chicken Roll 8/10 Portion was an appropriate size The green onion pancake was quite a nice twist, provided a nice crunch and soaked up the sauces nicely The Hoisin accompanied the roll nicely The chicken was not too try and quite flavourful Address: 800 Howe Street … Continue reading Eat Chicken Wraps

Pink Pearl Dim Sum

Date Visited: March 28 2015 What I ate: Steamed Chicken feet in Szechuan sauce 7/10 It was okay, not bad, good amount of meat and flavour Steamed Sweet egg yolk buns 6.5/10 Good amount of liquidiness But not enough egg yolk Steamed pork dumplings 7/10 Good amount of pork Not enough shrimp Flavours are okay … Continue reading Pink Pearl Dim Sum

Lin Chinese Cuisine – Take out

Date Visited: April 5 2015 What I ate: Tan tan noodle soup with minced meat 6.5/10 Portion was quite large The pork used in sauce was not of the best quality, could have had a stronger peanut flavour Was overly salty and tasted quite watered down Address: 1537 West Broadway, Metro Vancouver Website: http://www.linchinese.ca/ Type … Continue reading Lin Chinese Cuisine – Take out