LIK N2 Ice Cream versus Mister

Both nitrogen ice cream shops opened roughly around the same time. The prices were also quiet similar and the sizes were the same. But the style of how the ice cream was presented was wildly different. The impression I got from LIK N2 Ice Cream was fun ice cream with lots of different toppings and different… Continue reading LIK N2 Ice Cream versus Mister

Guide to Singapore Part 2: EATING

EATING. The main attraction, well for me anyways, in Singapore was the food. Singapore has been KNOWN for its food for a long time. Not only for its abundance and deliciousness but also for its cleanliness of street food. Our goal in Singapore this time around was to eat AS MUCH hawker centre food as… Continue reading Guide to Singapore Part 2: EATING

Updated Tangram Review

UPDATED TANGRAM REVIEW: Last time I came to Tangram which was back in January (when they were first opening) and didn't really like it. But my second visit was purposely for their Hojicha flavoured ice cream. I take back everything I said about the texture being icy the first time (the initial review is… Continue reading Updated Tangram Review

Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong! This is the final leg of the Hong Kong food exploration and obviously the sweetest. Looking for another egg waffle fusion place, here’s Oddies. They’ve been hyped up on all sorts of social media. But are they worth the hype? Personally, I feel like… Continue reading Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong Part 3

Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong! This place is often compared to BAKE because of its similar cheese tarts which BAKE had first. Hanjuku Kobo is also famous for their soft pillows of cheesecake. They also had a take on the green tea version of the cheese tart. Comparatively, their… Continue reading Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong Part 2

Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong Part 1

I’m giving you fair warning right now, the Desserts Sweets portion of Hong Kong contains 3 parts. Yes, that’s the amount of dessert I had. It was crazy and I realized after looking at all these pictures that I went a little mental with desserts. But hey, it was worth it. There are so many… Continue reading Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong Part 1

Wednesday Foodie Getaway: Off the Grid Waffle + La Taqueria

This weekend, I visited a few places, La Taqueria, On Yogurt and Off the Grid. La Taqueria is one of Vancouver’s favourite Mexican taco places. They sell soft shells tacos of many varieties. Vegan, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, you name it. This is my second time here but after a 4 year hiatus. I visited… Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway: Off the Grid Waffle + La Taqueria

Earnest Ice Cream

Date Visited: May 22 2015 What I ate: Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream 8/10 Acceptable amount of matcha flavour to satisfy the cravings Very smooth and creamy like most of Earnests Ice Creams Not too sweet, just the right amount of sweetness Address: 1829 Quebec Street, Vancouver Type of Restaurant: dessert, ice cream, café Price… Continue reading Earnest Ice Cream

Pirate Pak Day at White Spot

August 12 2015 is Pirate Pak Day where even adults can feel like kids! It's nostalgic walking back into a White Spot that I haven't been to in around 4 years. I decided this year was the year to do it. To pretend to be a kid again. Hey who says a 20 something year… Continue reading Pirate Pak Day at White Spot

UYU Ice Cream

August 11 2015 I made my way down to UYU Ice Cream bar today for a quick cheeky treat, since it was so hot outside. I was devastated to hear that they had run out of earl grey so I had to just settle for Belgian Chocolate and Regular. Since it is still currently their… Continue reading UYU Ice Cream