Kinome Izakaya

It’s hard to find Japanese restaurants actually run by Japanese people in Vancouver. So when I do know of one, I have to visit it. Kinome Izakaya specializes in soba noodles. The ones served at Kinome are handmade and hard to find in Vancouver. Everything I had at Kinome was well made but nothing was … Continue reading Kinome Izakaya

Poke Time on Robson

Poke time Poke shops have been popping up and around Vancouver for the past month or some. Some far from the city center and some like Poke time in downtown. I was really excited for the Poke burrito and I wasn’t disappointed. There are so many choices that come with the Poke burrito. The type … Continue reading Poke Time on Robson

Comfort food at Cafe de l’Orangerie

I was looking for somewhere to have lunch in the Marpole area and after must deliberation of whether we should eat Japanese, Chinese, West coast food and in the end we settled on a fusion of Japanese and Italian at Café de l’orangerie. There were so many things we wanted to order on the menu. … Continue reading Comfort food at Cafe de l’Orangerie

Dinner at Guu Otokomae

We came to Guu Otokomae in Gaston for a relaxed early dinner. The layout of this Guu is interesting because it’s upstairs and split between two levels. The service was not overbearing and was prompt as well. We started with the fried shrimp (ebi). I felt that the batter was pretty disappointing – it was … Continue reading Dinner at Guu Otokomae

An… interesting experience at The Eatery

The Eatery Oh, the Eatery. What is there to say about this pink and whacky establishment that hasn’t been already been said. To be honest, the food was not all that memorable. I don’t even remember exactly what we had because it all just tasted the same after a while. A summary of the flavours … Continue reading An… interesting experience at The Eatery

Green Leaf Sushi – or oily sushi?

I came to Green Leaf Sushi for their pressed sushi and also because of all the Instagram posts. We started with the octopus (tako) appetizer. When it came to the table we found it to be fairly small compared to other places. The flavours tasted pretty fresh but could have done with a little more … Continue reading Green Leaf Sushi – or oily sushi?

Wednesday Foodie Getaway: Shihinori

Finally, after 3 years of wanting to eat Shishinori, I’m finally here. Is this a hyped up place or not? And after 3 years of hyping will it live up to the hype? I would say, yes, it did. I had the spicy chicken bowl meal with Peach green tea and mango pudding. The spicy … Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway: Shihinori

Wednesday Foodie Getaways: G-men Nanchu

For this Wednesdays Foodie Getaways, I choose to venture off to Richmond for some ramen. Usually when you think of ramen in Vancouver, the first place you think of is Downtown. But there’s one place in Richmond that people think of for ramen and that’s G-men Nanchu on Alexandra street. So how was my much … Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaways: G-men Nanchu

The Korean and Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong. Authentic? or not?

In terms of Korean and Japanese food, Hong Kong does have a lot to offer but whether or not it’s authentic is another story. Most of these Korean and Japanese restaurants are opened and run by Hong Kong people. But what is authentic is up to you to interpret. For Japanese food, I mostly just … Continue reading The Korean and Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong. Authentic? or not?

Hong Kong’s Noodle situation

Hong Kong is crazy about its noodles. Whether it be ramen, Korean instant noodles, cheap fish ball noodles, Hong Kong people’s classic tam zai or the traditional shrimp wonton noodles. It can never get enough. Here’s a summary of the noodles that I sampled in Hong Kong. Some of them were definitely more touristy than … Continue reading Hong Kong’s Noodle situation