La Forêt Bakery and Café

located between Metrotown and Royal Oak Station (close to skytrain) 6864 jubilee Avenue, Burnaby BC Korean warehouse style coffee shop The recent talk of the town, La Foret Bakery and Café was on my lists of to-try after the first week of its opening. It’s beautiful décor and marble aesthetics had social media crazies alike going senseless to take a “Instagram-worthy” picture. Before visiting, … Continue reading La Forêt Bakery and Café

Sakura Cafe

  One of the newer Japanese sweet shops in Vancouver. They also serve sandwiches etc but I came here for the parfaits. I got the matcha parfait and it was pretty good. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the sesame ice cream. It was creamy and very sesame which I really enjoyed. The red bean and the matcha cake and everything else in the parfait went really well … Continue reading Sakura Cafe

Updated Tangram Review

UPDATED TANGRAM REVIEW:  Last time I came to Tangram which was back in January (when they were first opening) and didn’t really like it. But my second visit was purposely for their Hojicha flavoured ice cream. I take back everything I said about the texture being icy the first time (the initial review is below). The texture totally took a 360 degree turn and now … Continue reading Updated Tangram Review

Coffee Monday at Porto Coffee

  New coffee shop in Vancouver so I had to check it out. We walked in on a Monday at around 11 and found the place quiet full. All the tables were quiet full but it later emptied out at around 12pm. I had the matcha latte, cappuccino and a breakfast sandwich. I had heard a lot about their sandwiches and how they source locally … Continue reading Coffee Monday at Porto Coffee

Coffee Drank in Hong Kong Part 2

 Here we continue on our caffeinated journey. A newer kid on the block or should I say Kennedy Town district is – Lex Coffee. I passed by this coffee shop a lot when going grocery shopping and finally I decided to go one day. I definitely picked the wrong day. There were so many people that I ended up waiting AN HOUR for my visit … Continue reading Coffee Drank in Hong Kong Part 2

L’opera Patisserie

I came here for a friends birthday and was lucky enough to snag the LAST table at the front of the window. The macaroon options were very scarce, so there weren’t many options. So we ordered and sat down for the arrival of the goodies!! The last time I went to Etude L’opera was when it first opened. I remember going in the first few … Continue reading L’opera Patisserie