Glowbal Grill – Happy Hour! Glowbal – the “newest” addition to the Glowbal Collection. It’s situated in the Telus building on Georgia and it’s quiet nice. The location, although on a busy street, did not sound loud or super busy. It had a nice atmosphere and the service was prompt and friendly. We came for happy hour because happy … Continue reading Glowbal Grill – Happy Hour!


Finally! Dinner at Ask for Luigi

Date Visited: June 19 2015 What I ate: Chicken liver bruschetta and endive marmellata 8.5/10 Extremely creamy chicken liver with a strong liver kick Very rich but the endive marmellata balances it out perfectly The onions and garlic provide a sweetness to the dish All the ingredients are well balanced and divine Luigi’s meatballs 8/10 … Continue reading Finally! Dinner at Ask for Luigi