Guide to Shida Night Market Taipei Taiwan

Take the MRT to Taipower Building station台電大樓 on the GREEN LINE. Then take exit 4 and then just follow the crowd. This night market isn’t particularly obvious. There’s no sign so you’ll just have to follow the people or ask. It’s inbetween the small roads. Each Night market in Taiwan, has its own selling point.Continue reading “Guide to Shida Night Market Taipei Taiwan”

Guide to Rao He Night Market

Raohe Night Market is one of the most famous night markets after Shilin Night Market. We started with a random place for their stinky tofu. It was alright – not worth eating again. Then we had Skewers from this place which was not bad. Raohe is famous for their pork bone soup in medicine broth.Continue reading “Guide to Rao He Night Market”

Guide To Shilin Night Market Taiwan

  Shilin Night market – the biggest night market in Taipei and also the most well-known. Keep in mind, when you travel there by MRT don’t get off at Shilin but get off at the stop BEFORE Shilin which is Jiantan. It’s closer to the night market. 玉子起士馬鈴薯 had a long line so we decidedContinue reading “Guide To Shilin Night Market Taiwan”

Exploring Taipei Part 2 – August 2015

Day 2 Taipei I woke up bright and early on the second day so that we could go on a swim in the beautiful pool downstairs. It really is a gorgeous pool and is great when its so hot outside. The problem with the pool is that its right next to the restaurant in theContinue reading “Exploring Taipei Part 2 – August 2015”

Shipyards Night Market

The Shipyards Night Market is definitely not your biggest night market. But it’s a great excuse to take the seabus. I arrived around 5 pm and headed to the night market. My target for the day was to try a few food trucks that had been on my list for a while. The night marketContinue reading “Shipyards Night Market”