Guide to the Gong Guan Area – Taipei

Gong Guan is an area filled with students because it’s near the National Taiwan University. It’s also an area filled with great food. Because the streets of this area are hard to navigate. I can only tell you what there is in this district and if you think it looks good. Feel free to tryContinue reading “Guide to the Gong Guan Area – Taipei”

Exploring Hsinchu Part 7 – August 2015

This was my last day or more like last part of my August trip to Taiwan. Unfortunately I have lost a part of the pictures I took in Taiwan so that’s why a lot of the sights or food that I went to have not been mentioned. If this was done in days, it shouldContinue reading “Exploring Hsinchu Part 7 – August 2015”

Tender beef noodles at Newton Beef Noodle

I came to Newton Beef Noodles looking for some quality beef noodles. It’s really close to the Richmond Brighouse sky train station which is very convenient. I ordered the half tendon half meat noodles and they were not half bad. The noodles were cooked well (I always prefer thick noodles). The broth was nicely flavouredContinue reading “Tender beef noodles at Newton Beef Noodle”

Wednesday Foodie Getaway: Hmart Downtown

I come to Hmart quite often to get my Korean food fix in Downtown. It’s got a nice location and the food and prices are okay. Usually I would go to Hmart and get the jajangmyeon (or the black bean noodles previous review here: E-mo) but this time I went for the Spicy Cold Noodles.Continue reading “Wednesday Foodie Getaway: Hmart Downtown”

Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Bubble Waffle Kerrisdale

Bubble Waffle was buzzing on a Saturday afternoon. It was pretty packed which was quite surprising. But it died down by around 2.   Usually at Bubble Waffle I get the Laksa, but since my friend had already chosen that, I decided to go for something different. I had their house made fish soup withContinue reading “Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Bubble Waffle Kerrisdale”

Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Mamalee Malaysian Delight

I had been looking forward to going to this place for a while. I’ve seen people raving about their Hainan style chicken and rice so I had to give it a try.   The Hainan-style chicken rice was definitely a let down. The chicken portion was very small for a large. The chicken itself wasContinue reading “Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Mamalee Malaysian Delight”

Hong Kong Food Mangé’d Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Hong Kong Food Mangé’d! One of the most famous famous beef noodles in Hong Kong would be Kau Kee Noodles in Central. Was it worth the hype and the line? I would say, not really. The soup wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, the meat could have been more tenderContinue reading “Hong Kong Food Mangé’d Part 2”

Wednesday Foodie Getaway: G8 Taiwanese Restaurant

G8 Taiwanese restaurant the new kid on the block on Oak street, is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. I came here specially for their fried chicken nuggets. There menu is mostly meat so vegetarians beware. Also I found that the menu can be a bit lacking in balance of dishes. I ordered the G8Continue reading “Wednesday Foodie Getaway: G8 Taiwanese Restaurant”

Cha Chaan Teng Grubbed at in Hong Kong

When someone thinks of Hong Kong, they usually think of Cha Chaan Teng’s as the epitome of Hong Kong food. Although it might be what the average Hong Kong person eats on a daily basis, these Cha Chaan Teng’s definitely represents Hong Kong people’s attitudes. Efficient, rushed and inattentive service. Cha Chaan Teng is reallyContinue reading “Cha Chaan Teng Grubbed at in Hong Kong”

Hong Kong’s Noodle situation

Hong Kong is crazy about its noodles. Whether it be ramen, Korean instant noodles, cheap fish ball noodles, Hong Kong people’s classic tam zai or the traditional shrimp wonton noodles. It can never get enough. Here’s a summary of the noodles that I sampled in Hong Kong. Some of them were definitely more touristy thanContinue reading “Hong Kong’s Noodle situation”