Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Ramen Gojiro

I ventured over to Ramen Gojiro to try their ramen after seeing all the photos on Instagram. I’ve been wanting to go ever since their soft opening but finally found time to go recently. We walked in and were able to snag the last table before waiting for the next round. Another 5 minutes passed... Continue Reading →


Ramen Koika

Date Visited: May 19 2015 What I ate: King’s Ramen (chicken broth) – carrot, cabbage, mushroom, green onion, bean sprouts, shredded pork, seaweed, bamboo shoot, soft boiled egg 6.5/10 The broth lacked depth The vast amount of toppings was overwhelming The shredded pork was very dry and lacked flavour Koika ramen burger – fresh homemade... Continue Reading →

Ramen Butcher

Date Visited: May 14 2015 What I ate: Classic – signature tonkatsu (pork) broth simmered to perfection. Noodles are freshly made in-house 7/10 The broth was very rich and flavourful The noodles did taste fresh but not my favourite kind of noodles (I prefer thicker ones) lacked edginess lacked bounciness I enjoyed the toppings on top which... Continue Reading →

Danbo Ramen

Date Visited: June 4 2015 What I ate:   Classic Tonkoto Ramen – Signature Tonkotsu Pork Broth with Soft Boiled Egg topping (Mouth watering no-tamago flavoured with soya sauce) – firm noodles with extra spicy sauce 7/10 These noodles were definitely thinner noodles from Southern Japan They were thin yet chewy and firm (just the... Continue Reading →

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