Wednesday Foodie Getaway at A&W

  I had a coupon for the meal with drink and fries so I had to go and satisfy my A&W onion ring cravings. The teen burger tasted… might I say… healthy? For a fast food place. It had lots of vegetables but was lacking juiciness in the burger and it needed more sauce.… Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway at A&W

Dinner at Guu Otokomae

We came to Guu Otokomae in Gaston for a relaxed early dinner. The layout of this Guu is interesting because it’s upstairs and split between two levels. The service was not overbearing and was prompt as well. We started with the fried shrimp (ebi). I felt that the batter was pretty disappointing – it was… Continue reading Dinner at Guu Otokomae

Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Vegan Pudding Co.

I dropped by the Vegan Pudding Co. window on Richards the other day and saw they had Hojicha flavoured vegan pudding so I had to give it a try. I thought the pudding itself was not as smooth as I would have liked. It was just a tad grainy. The hojicha flavour came through slightly… Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Vegan Pudding Co.

An… interesting experience at The Eatery

The Eatery Oh, the Eatery. What is there to say about this pink and whacky establishment that hasn’t been already been said. To be honest, the food was not all that memorable. I don’t even remember exactly what we had because it all just tasted the same after a while. A summary of the flavours… Continue reading An… interesting experience at The Eatery

Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Nicli Antica Pizzeria

I’ve been wanting to go to Nicli Antica Pizzeria for a while now, especially after I heard about their happy hour special (half off Margherita pizzas from 3-5). We walked in at around 4 and there weren’t many people inside which is to be expected on a Thursday afternoon. We sat down and asked if… Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Nicli Antica Pizzeria

Green Leaf Sushi – or oily sushi?

I came to Green Leaf Sushi for their pressed sushi and also because of all the Instagram posts. We started with the octopus (tako) appetizer. When it came to the table we found it to be fairly small compared to other places. The flavours tasted pretty fresh but could have done with a little more… Continue reading Green Leaf Sushi – or oily sushi?

Korean Fried Chicken fix at Cocoru

I headed to Cocoru to satisfy my Korean “chimak” or chicken and beer craving. But instead I ended up getting the yogurt soju because it looked pretty good. The yogurt soju was the right choice in the end. The ratio of soju and yogurt could have been better, with more soju. We ordered two… Continue reading Korean Fried Chicken fix at Cocoru

Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Dae Ji Cutlet House

Daeji has many locations around town including two in Downtown and one in Burquitlam. I decided to try the Denman location since my workplace is near there. When we initially walked in at 11:55, the restaurant was only 50% full but once it hit 12:00pm the people started piling in and it was full within… Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Dae Ji Cutlet House

Exploring Tainan Part 4 – August 2015

Tainan Day 4 For breakfast we went to this noodle (liang mian) place. It was pretty good and the side dishes were tasty as well. (keep in mind they are vegetarian) Driving from Hsinchu to Tainan takes a good 3-4 hours and although its a smooth drive it can get a little boring. We made… Continue reading Exploring Tainan Part 4 – August 2015

Wednesday Foodie Getaway: Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Western lake restaurant is known for having HUGE portions for dim sum and so I thought I would show my friend from Hong Kong how we do dim sum here in Vancouver. We started off with the shrimp rice rolls which were not bad. The rice roll itself was well-made, it didn’t break apart right… Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway: Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant