Greenhorn Espresso Cafe

Greenhorn has always been on my list of coffee shops to try. It being in a residential area, is not the easiest place to visit. We went there hoping to get some work done on our laptops, but to our disappointment, they didn’t offer wifi after 11:45 and would not turn it back on until … Continue reading Greenhorn Espresso Cafe

Wednesday Foodie Chilling at Cafe Crema

After a leisurely stroll through the West Vancouver beach, we ended up at Crema Bakery. From Cafe Crema, you can see the view of the water and it just made it a nice place to relax. I had an iced Americano and it was not bad. It wasn’t too sour or bitter unlike other cold … Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Chilling at Cafe Crema

Mocha Chilling Blenz

Vancouver’s been pretty hot lately so cold drinks have been a must for me. I saw that Blenz had a new drink out the Mochachillo. For me, I felt that the Mochachillo was slightly too sweet for me but I liked how strong the coffee flavour was. The whipping cream on top tasted too generic … Continue reading Mocha Chilling Blenz

Exploring Taichung Part 5 – August 2015

Taichung Day 5: After spending the night in Tainan we started to make our way to Taichung to meet one of our friends. We went to this Japanese place which was packed full of people. Then we went to this place for some tea to cool off. Taichung is more modern than Tainan and has … Continue reading Exploring Taichung Part 5 – August 2015

Exploring Tainan Part 4 – August 2015

Tainan Day 4 For breakfast we went to this noodle (liang mian) place. It was pretty good and the side dishes were tasty as well. (keep in mind they are vegetarian) Driving from Hsinchu to Tainan takes a good 3-4 hours and although its a smooth drive it can get a little boring. We made … Continue reading Exploring Tainan Part 4 – August 2015

Exploring Taipei Part 3 -August 2015

On the third day of our exploration in Taipei, we stayed mostly near the hotel in the Xin Yi district which has, so far, proved to be my favourite district. It's laid back and there's lots to do here. With malls surrounding the area and lots of lively life night, it's the perfect location for … Continue reading Exploring Taipei Part 3 -August 2015

Coffee Monday at Pallet Coffee Roasters

Came here and was not greeted by the friendliest barista but hey it’s about the coffee right? I tried the Americano and thought it was pretty strong and had a slight sour-ish flavour to it. It had some depth to it which was good. I had the latte as well and thought it was … Continue reading Coffee Monday at Pallet Coffee Roasters

Coffee’s Drank in Hong Kong Part 1

I have a confession to make. I drank way to many … coffee’s in Hong Kong and they were way too overpriced to be worth it. But I guess I did it for the experience? For the pleasure of it. So what is Hong Kong’s coffee scene like? Well, all I can say is that, … Continue reading Coffee’s Drank in Hong Kong Part 1

Coffee Monday at Platform 7 on Broadway

  Platform 7 second shop opened on Broadway and it’s a pretty busy shop at all times of the day. The shops vibe is busier that their first shop on Hastings I would say. But the décor is very similar to the first shop. It was difficult for me to decide what to get. Do … Continue reading Coffee Monday at Platform 7 on Broadway

Coffee Monday @ Fondway Cafe

Another Monday, another Coffee. Today we ventured off to Fondway Coffee Shop right next to metrotown station. It’s literally right next to the metrotown station so try not to get lost. When we walked in there was only one other group inside, so it was quite empty. But considering it was a Monday, it made … Continue reading Coffee Monday @ Fondway Cafe