Nemesis Coffee

Located conveniently beneath SFU Downtown campus Limited street parking parking 302 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N4 Good selection of savoury foods and a few selection of baked goods   Being my second visit to Nemesis, I was excited to drink their coffee and eat their avocado toast yet again. The space is not huge and it does get busy sometimes so you are … Continue reading Nemesis Coffee

Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Jam Cafe

Jam Café has been making a lot of noise this week. Especially with their opening on Beatty street and the long lines on the weekends. Jam Café is originally from Victoria and now they finally have a location here. I arrived around 11:30am on a Monday and there were a few people outside but we were able to be seated immediately because we were a … Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Jam Cafe

Wednesday Foodie Getaways: At Medina Cafe and Mimibulove

Today marks the start of a new segment which I call, Wednesday Foodie Getaways. This will be the day I give you a weekly glimpse of what I had the previous week (cough if you didn’t already check Instagram). Last week, and coincidentally it was Wednesday when I visited these two restaurants. I visited, Medina Cafe (since my last visit in 2014) and Mimibulove. I … Continue reading Wednesday Foodie Getaways: At Medina Cafe and Mimibulove

ORU Breakfast Buffet

  Date Visited: August 2 2015 I went to ORU for their breakfast buffet because, well, it’s been awhile since I’ve been to a buffet and it was my sisters birthday. We decided to treat her and go for brunch. We originally wanted to go to Ebo in the Delta hotel but unfortunately I don’t think they have brunch buffet on Sundays anymore.   So … Continue reading ORU Breakfast Buffet

Willows Café at Mandeville

Date Visited: May 3 2015 What I ate: Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict 6/10 the hashbrowns were the best part of this dish – well seasoned and crispy on the top the smoked salmon tasted somewhat stale only one of the two eggs were runny and the other one was almost fully cooked the egg white was definitely over cooked – it had the consistency of … Continue reading Willows Café at Mandeville