The Korean and Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong. Authentic? or not?

In terms of Korean and Japanese food, Hong Kong does have a lot to offer but whether or not it’s authentic is another story. Most of these Korean and Japanese restaurants are opened and run by Hong Kong people. But what is authentic is up to you to interpret.


For Japanese food, I mostly just had sushi. The ramen I had, can be found in my 28 sushi was my first sushi in Hong Kong and I must admit it wasn’t bad. It’s one of those small hole in the walls hidden in Kennedy town. The salmon roll and unagi I had was okay. The lamb was a bit too chewy and the takoyaki lacked octopus. But overall an okay experience.

Overall: 3/5


Another place I went to for sushi was Genki Sushi in Mongkok’s Langham place. It’s one of those chain places with those sushi belts. The service was really slow and the sushi was nothing memorable. It didn’t really satisfy my sushi cravings and the rolls weren’t that innovate.

Overall: 2.5/5


I also made a trip to Kowloon for One Sushi for their “midnight” sushi deal which is 50% off their sushi and drink menu. The deal was pretty good and I was definitely stuffed at the end of the meal. My favourite is their seared salmon which literally just melted in your mouth.

Overall: 3/5 – but only for midnight sushi deal


I visited the most mainstream Korean restaurants in Hong Kong but most of them are not very authentic and are more fusion restaurants that have adopted to Hong Kong people’s tastes.


The Andong Chicken in Causeway Bay is a very popular location. Even though we had made reservations prior to, we still had to wait a good 20 minutes before seated. The andong chicken we got was very cheesy but the chicken was on the drier side. It was a bit too rich for me to handle and it was also a bit too salty. The bimbimbap we had lacked moisture.

Overall: 3/5 – if you really like rich foods this place is for you


School food is one of the most popular Korean restaurants in Hong Kong. They have a few locations throughout Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. But it was a major disappointment for me. I liked the concept of their squid sushi and it was not bad although I couldn’t really taste the squid. But the fried platter that we shared was so off putting, I vowed to never go back ever again. While I was eating this, half the time I was wondering what I was eating. Some of it was way too sweet and others were too bland. I didn’t know what to think.

Overall: 2/5


Another Korean restaurant in Causeway Bay was Pan Dalin BBQ which is situated in one of those basically eating buildings where there are multiple options. We had pork and soy bean soup (which was on point) and were not disappointed. But the price of this restaurant is not cheap and not worth the price.

Overall: 3/5


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